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September Construction Update

FRESNO, Calif. – The magnitude of the projects under construction are sometimes so large you can’t truly appreciate them from the ground. Every few months a member of our team is going up in a plane to take pictures and you can see just how impressive the projects are from the air. We have selected some of the best aerial shots from the work underway in Construction Package 1 to share in the September Construction Update. More photos of the projects are available at

Latest Developments

  • Economic Impacts of High-Speed Rail

    What are direct, indirect and induced effects? In addition to the direct investments high-speed rail makes in California, the indirect and induced impacts help grow our economy. When a construction worker is hired, it can also mean renting machinery for the job, and housing, groceries, and other money the worker spends. Watch how the process works.

  • PHOTO RELEASE: Groundbreaking for Modern Custom Fabrication in Fresno

  • Governor Brown Appoints Nancy Miller to Authority Board of Directors

  • New Report: Rail and California Economy

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Caltrans and US Berkeley have released a new report called Rail and the California Economy examining how the state’s vast passenger and freight rail systems contribute to California economy finds, “over $400 billion of US imports moved through California in 2015,” which is about “18% of the national total.”

In the News

Construction and Road Closure Alerts

Northern California
Construction Package 1
Construction Package 2-3
Construction Package 4

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    Governor Brown Secretary - Brian P Kelly - CalSTA Interim CEO - Tom Fellenz

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